Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Moods and Blogging

Life has been hectic and a bit sad.  A family member passed over (peacefully) this morning and it's been tough for my brother's family.  The kids are upset and acting out, which, while understandable, doesn't help.

I don't want this blog to be about my whining, though, so I was casting about for ideas that weren't depressing. And my friend Tamara Siler Jones linked to this post: http://biggirlblue.blogspot.com/2010/11/30-days-of-me.html

I'm not going to wait until January to do this, I won't do every post or even close to being in order.  But I like many of the ideas, so I'm going to grok the list.  Starting tomorrow.

For today, I have a question.  Do you write through your blue moods or wait until they pass?

For me, it's a little of both.  I'll work through them, to a certain extent.  Mostly as a distraction, I'll make jewelry or draw (although I draw like a science teacher).  Eventually, those emotions work their way into my writing, but not immediately.  They need to simmer, to marinate.

I'll try to blog more, but if I get swept away with stuff, Happy Holidays folks!

note: Photo is Japan, Blue Mountains by miykiutada under creative commons license

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  1. Like you, for me it's a little of both. Probably more planning and researching than actual writing.

    I'm sorry for your loss, Sue. Hugs for all your family.