Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Software Review: Scrivener

In trying to think about something to blog about, I found another list of blog post ideas: 101 Killer Blog Post Ideas: http://thebacklight.com/101-blog-post-ideas/

And there, on number three, was "Review Software".

How did they know??  I downloaded Scrivener's trial version and have been using it for the past three days.  So, let me tell you about Scrivener.

First, it's fairly easy to use.  It can be used as a word processor and it can import and export to several other word processors.  It can also export a file into .pdf and the different ebook formats.

It's also a notecard program, as simple to use as Supernotecard. And it toggles BACK AND FORTH between the notecard and the wordprocessor.  It also takes those notecards and sets them up in a really nice outline form.  Although I don't outline before I write, I find that outlining *while* I write helps me to figure things out.

Do I like it enough to buy it?  Yes, in fact, I'll probably buy it this weekend.

Note: If you "won" nano, go to the nano site: www.nanowrimo.org  For Winners, there's a code to get 50% off a copy of the Scrivener program, but you need to have won and validated your story.

photo by Flickr user Cranium, used under the creative commons license

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Worry: A Habit I wish I Didn't Have

Worry is like running on a hamster wheel.  You go round and round in circles, but you never get anywhere.  

And yet, I worry.  Mostly, I worry about things that I cannot control.  And that gets in the way of things that I can control.

I can't control the fact that there's an accident along my way to work.  I can control the fact that I left a little late, cutting it a bit too close.

I can't control what my significant other does.  I can control my reaction to it.

I can't control how my mother is doing.  I can control my own health.  But not if my energy is spent worrying about hers.

I can't control whether someone buys my story.  But I can get it out there - submit it to agents.

I'm not big on resolutions, but here's one: I'll try to focus my energy on those things that I can control.  And let go of the things I can't.

Photo Credit
“Hamster on wheel” sualk61 @ Flickr.com. Creative Commons. Some Rights Reserved.