Thursday, December 22, 2011

15 Interesting Facts about Me

In an effort to blog more, I'm working from a list.  This was harder than I thought.

1. I work in a museum.  It is the coolest place.  When I need a break, I can go down and look at the Egyptian sarcophagus of a court musician or a Tibetan riding desk.  We have paintings by Edward Hopper and John Singer Sargeant and sculpture by Andy Warhol. Oh, and dinosaur bones.

2. I have been square dancing for more than 30 years.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about, I have taken classes through the Advanced level.

3. I have a twin sister.  Identical twin.  We freak people out.

4. In Junior High School, I took a film-making class.  Our class made a movie called "Fangs of Death."

5. All of my nieces and nephews were adopted.

6. I have nine book cases in my one-bedroom condo.

7. I have cheated death twice: 22 years ago in a car accident and 2 years ago I had a blood clot in my leg and a small piece in my lung. I'm all better now.

8. My ring-finger toe (on both feet) stopped growing when I was six.  It's a mutation called Brachia Metatarsil.  My twin has it, too.

9. I have traveled to London, England, Moscow, Russia, Greece and Australia.  I have also been to the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyons and Pike's Peak in Colorado.

10. I own the entire series of Jeremy Brett's Sherlock Holmes series on DVD.

11. I was once in the chorus of the opera, Aida.

12. I have a black belt in shopping.  No, seriously.  I found my sister's wedding dress for $200!

13. I once owned a car and drove it until I couldn't. 174,000 miles and the engine went while I was in line to get it inspected.

14. There is a potter's wheel in my living room.  Yes, I can throw pots, though I haven't in a while. Still, I eat my soup from bowls I've made.

15. I am writing a book. (well, several books really. But you probably knew that already.)



  1. I do believe you work in the coolest place on the planet.

    And I'm glad you cheated death. :)

  2. ty re: death. And right back atcha